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    1. TMG, The Machine Group

      CNC Equipment, Parts, Service, Applications and Turn-Key Solutions

      Trusted for Over 25 Years

      TMG has worked with hundreds of customers and serviced thousands of machines.? We look forward to the opportunity to assist you.

      5-Axis Experts

      5-Axis CNC Machinery?is the most advanced type of machining equipment for today's leading manufacturers.? Our experts are available and ready to assist you in the selection, integration, commissioning and service of 5-Axis machinery.

      A Full Range of CNC Services

      Today's sophisticated CNC Machinery?requires a high level of support, service and specialized applications development to provide maximum return on investment. ?TMG is here to bring all of these elements together to meet and exceed your requirements.

      In-house Financing for Lease or Purchase

      Financing for CNC Equipment?is highly specialized. ?TMG has the expertise and lending sources that are experienced and prepared to provide financing for new and used CNC equipment.

      The Machine Group

      TMG (The MachineGroup) is a diversified CNC equipment and machine tool dealership. A widely recognized industry leader in machine tool solutions, we represent and support a complete line of nine machine tool manufacturers as well as several other important supporting lines.? TMG offers a comprehensive on-site service department and can supply our installations with the parts to keep your machinery up and running. We gladly accept trade-in machinery, sell and service used equipment and provide in-house financing for all types of businesses.?

      TMG is proud of our 25 years of experience, our expertise, our team and our approach to business. ?We are ready to serve you.

      Why TMG?

      Unique Capabilities

      TMG Provides CNC equipment that is solution based.

      Our broad range of manufacturers allows our application team to provide the right solution regardless of machine builder.

      Our selection of world class manufacturers also allows us to?offer a wide range of machine price points. ?We carry both new and used CNC equipment and support most manufacturers with application support, service, and the spare parts required for a long service life. We Specialize in 5-axis CNC equipment in a wide variety of configurations and sizes, accommodating?various budgets. ?Our equipment ranges from industry workhorses to the "cutting edge" of manufacturing technologies.

      CNC Equipment Options

      TMG West's broad industry experience with CNC Equipment applications and solutions allows us to fully integrated a ?wide variety of options.

      Manufacturing with Exotic Materials

      Structural aerospace, hard metal, and other exotic metals.

      Ultra-high-speed applications.

      MT Connect Ready

      Connect using the MTConnect standard for more efficient operations, improved production optimization, and increased productivity

      Run Lights Out

      When running "lights out"?CNC?machine tools do not require continuous operator attention.? TMG can facilitate lights out operation.

      Robotics and Integration

      Factory OEM and 3rd party option integration.

      Full Workpiece Access

      Articulation (moving) heads or trunnion type tilting tables that provide access to all sides of workpieces.

      The Right Brands


      TMG carries the equipment brands you need. ?We represent several major machine builders and a broad range of secondary suppliers. ?We are about finding the right machine for your application, not trying to make our only product "fit" your needs.

      Broad Range of Machines


      We offer a broad assortment of machine types:? Turning Centers, Machining Centers, 5-axis Machines,?Boring Mills, and many other types of manufacturing equipment.

      Industries Served


      We proudly serve these industries: aerospace, space & defense,?die mold, medical, energy, oil & gas, automotive, construction and many others.

      We provide everything you need to address your CNC application requirements.


      Developing applications, custom solutions, and turnkey solutions is our super power.


      Our trained and qualified in-house service group is dedicated to supporting your uptime requirements.


      Spare parts availability and sourcing is a specialty of TMG. ?Call us first, we know CNC parts.


      Our in-house financing?department is ready to help companies with financing needs.

      CNC machines are?amazing technological marvels. ?These are the machines that make the components that take us to space, fly us around the world, take us to the store and keep us healthy and safe.

      CNC equipment is a powerful tool for the future. ?TMG is ready and has the expertise and capability to help you build the future for all of us. ?With your skills and vision, together we will build the components that will shape our future.

      This is not a mission we take lightly.? We understand and appreciate the confidence and trust our customers have in us.? We know that a CNC machine by itself builds nothing.? It is the addition of applications engineering, programming and the integration of accessories and networks that result in the creation of these manufacturing marvels.

      We look forward to making the future, together, one part at a time.

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